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I am LOVING my new O’neill Boost Drysuit! This is a game changer for winter paddling! Don’t get me wrong, I love my neoprene. This though is a comfortable, flexible, DRY experience like I’ve never had with wetsuits. Sure I still perspire in both wetsuits and drysuits, but this is not adhered to my body like a wetsuit, nor is the water or sweat trapped in the wetsuit. I’ve only taken it out twice but I know I’m already a drysuit convert and using it whenever circumstances dictate. Oh, and this drysuit is $395, not your typical $800+ of the other brands. Totally worth the money if you’re a year round paddler in colder regions like me!

 Buy it here and select Wakemakers as the vendor, they provided excellent shipping and packaging, and they are in Bend, Oregon.

O'neill Boost Drysuit

O’neill Boost Drysuit: It’s changed my winter SUP experience for the better! And better and better.