It’s going to be a great weekend to get on the water around PDX. Air temperatures are supposed to improve throughout the weekend but be prepared for chilly water. The water temp is currently 54(f) and there’s no conditions that would indicate a rise in temps for the near future. There are also some more extreme high and low tides directly affecting the Willamette River. Yesterday’s high tide caused enough slowdown up the Willamette to cause a temporary backflow that made the river appear completely stopped (this would also explain my excellent lap time yesterday!). Sunday also appears to be a good day to head to Hood River for some recreational paddling on the river with warming conditions and a pre-summer feel in the air. Have fun out there!

Torturing myself on a Monday morning by checking the Pacific City webcam. It’s a beautiful day on the coast with a mild breeze at best and what looks to be overhead sets. But you know, jobs are fun too, right? Right???














Pacific City WebCam





Chris Andeson, Team Fanatic Rider and all around cool dude.

Chris Andeson, Team Fanatic Rider and all around cool dude.

SUPPDX wants to give a big welcome and congratulations to windsurf legend, kiteboard pioneer, now the newest team rider for Fanatic, Chris Anderson. Chris has been a local Gorge resident and celebrity for four decades in all kinds of sport and all kinds of insane Gorge conditions. Chris has been spending the better part of the past two years committed to mastering Gorge SUP downwinding and encouraging growth in the sport for both water adventurers and those seeking a new cardio outlet in the heart of one of the most picturesque natural channels in the world. You’ll find Chris around the Hood River area this summer bringing the stoke to SUP newcomers and veterans alike; he also regularly announces fitness and fun paddles on Stand Up Hood River and Stand Up Portland Facebook sites. Do yourself a favor this summer and introduce yourself to Chris if he hasn’t met you first; his energy and stoke are wonderfully contagious.