Conditions: Improving weather, chilly water

It’s going to be a great weekend to get on the water around PDX. Air temperatures are supposed to improve throughout the weekend but be prepared for chilly water. The water temp is currently 54(f) and there’s no conditions that would indicate a rise in temps for the near future. There are also some more extreme high and low tides directly affecting the Willamette River. Yesterday’s high tide caused enough slowdown up the Willamette to cause a temporary backflow that made the river appear completely stopped (this would also explain my excellent lap time yesterday!). Sunday also appears to be a good day to head to Hood River for some recreational paddling on the river with warming conditions and a pre-summer feel in the air. Have fun out there!

About the author

A lifelong surfer and now a regular SUP'r, Brett has lived in Portland, Oregon for 16 years. With a lifetime of shoulder wear from paddling, SUP was a logical transition to keep him on the water. Now he SUP surfs, downwinds, races, and recreationally paddles with friends and family as much as life will allow.