If I had a SUP rental business…

I own several SUPs and most of them are incredibly fragile as they are built to be light and fast so much of the durability I’d like is stripped away to shed board weight. I really like where this SUP builder is going though because it gives shops, customers, and especially board rentalsĀ a far better option for long board life and fewer repairs. Are there downsides? Sure. Like any product with plastic incorporated into the design, it’s a petroleum based product in some regard and will never ever break down. Then again, there’s not a surfboard out there that will. Secondly, the company is focused on very general, beginner type models. While it’s personally not a selling point for me, I know a lot of casual SUPers who would love an all-around board that can take a pounding. Check ’em out and see what you think:

About the author

A lifelong surfer and now a regular SUP'r, Brett has lived in Portland, Oregon for 16 years. With a lifetime of shoulder wear from paddling, SUP was a logical transition to keep him on the water. Now he SUP surfs, downwinds, races, and recreationally paddles with friends and family as much as life will allow.