It’s a big weekend in Hood River

The annual Naish Paddle Challenge is happening in Hood River this weekend! The biggest names in SUP will converge on our once-sleepy town for a shot at big SUP money and a chance to ride one of the top three downwind locations in the world. One of the coolest parts of this event is that while there is definitely an elite class of riders who will undoubtedly take the front in these races and events, anyone can enter, which means practically any serious paddler can compete head-to-head with folks like Kai Lenny and Connor Baxter! How many sports do that???

Even if you aren’t planning on being in the water, the race course has become a well modified spectator friendly race with plenty of pivot turns and water traffic to enjoy. Check it out, it’s a well run event with the biggest names in SUP in attendance!

About the author

A lifelong surfer and now a regular SUP'r, Brett has lived in Portland, Oregon for 16 years. With a lifetime of shoulder wear from paddling, SUP was a logical transition to keep him on the water. Now he SUP surfs, downwinds, races, and recreationally paddles with friends and family as much as life will allow.