Peak of Summer in PDX!

92 degrees at 7:30pm tonight, water temp of 76 actually felt pretty cool compared to the air! It’s amazing in Portland in August, and it’s a perfect time to maximize time on the river! Get out there, Fall is breathing down our necks and will be cooling off these summerific conditions before we even realize what’s happened!

Joe Nicholich at Sunset
Joe Nicholich taking advantage of a near-perfect evening on the Willamette.


Blue Boat on Toe Island
A boat that brought a dad and several kids to Toe Island for a great swim.

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A lifelong surfer and now a regular SUP'r, Brett has lived in Portland, Oregon for 16 years. With a lifetime of shoulder wear from paddling, SUP was a logical transition to keep him on the water. Now he SUP surfs, downwinds, races, and recreationally paddles with friends and family as much as life will allow.