Ross Island Happy Hour: The Official Guidelines

You asked for it, the official Guidelines to Ross Island Happy Hour!

Ross Island Happy Hour
Ross Island Happy Hour: Typical Smiles

What is Ross Island Happy Hour (RIHH)?
RIHH is a predetermined beach destination on Ross Island where paddling friends/acquaintances/I have no idea who you are but let’s meet can paddle to and enjoy some social time in the afternoon sun.

Where is RIHH?
RIHH can be on any beach located on Ross Island. It is traditionally held on the south tip beach of Ross Island as it tends to be the largest beach, and most convenient to Willamette Park and Sellwood Park, the most popular put-ins near the island.

How do I know which beach?
Any announced RIHH should come with a dropped pin on a map, or a REALLY good description of the beach destination. Additionally, announce the put in time plus the route you intend to paddle to get to the destination. There are also occasions where you might announce the “casual” route vs. the “workout” route.

Who schedules them? Anyone!
But… look at the forecast! Cloudy, cool days discourage attendees even if they’ve RSVP’d. My own personal rule is at least 80 degrees with minimal wind before I really want to announce a happy hour online.

Be sure to give a couple days notice when possible. There are also times a really good day just kind of shows up and the inspiration grabs you… do it!

What are the rules?
The only standing rule is: Bring a beverage of choice for yourself and one for the friend you haven’t met, yet. No, it doesn’t have to be alcoholic! People bring all sorts of beverages, bring what YOU drink!

Ross Island Happy Hour
Ross Island Happy Hour: July 2018

There’s a myriad of stowaway bags you can use to haul cans/bottles on your board. I use a The supPOCKET and will never part with it, it’s a perfect stow bag for this kind of gathering. You can buy them at Gorge Performance.

Haul your trash out! This has never been an issue but probably worth noting.

Sidenote: Summertime is busy for most of us. RIHH’s work better midweek during the warm season, but most anytime come late summer/Fall.

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